EVENTS Energy        27/01/2021

27-29 January 2021 Digital Forum

27-29 January 2021    Digital Forum

The 11th Annual Turkey Energy Forum is organised by EEL Events and co-hosted by BCCT. It will take place on 27-29 January 2021 and provide an online discussion on the new realities which the Turkish energy industry will be facing in a post-COVID-19 world.


Featuring more than 40 leading industry speakers and more than 500 high profile participants including Turkish leading utilities, energy developers and distributors, regulators, investors, consultants, equipment suppliers and solution providers, the event will help shape the future of Turkish energy industry and reveal what direction the energy sector needs to evolve in order to meet market requirements. The agenda includes online, interactive discussions on energy market risks and investors’ sentiments along with virtual panels examining financing dynamic post-COVID-19, the reform of energy distribution systems, the boom of renewables and distributed generation investments in a Turkish energy mix as well as the role of digitalisation and technology in improving the yield in energy and renewable energy projects.


Key topics:


Turkish economy & energy sector in the wake of the COVID-19 – Towards CO₂ neutrality

Scaling up energy investments in Turkey

Prospects for distressed buyers and sellers

The renewable energy leaders’ panel: wind, solar, geothermal and hydro

Financing energy projects post-COVID-19. Have recent market dynamics changed lenders priorities?

Update on unlicensed solar investments in Turkey after COVID-19

Dynamics of the regional gas/lng market

Energy Prosumers and effects of distributed energy on the development of distribution system network

Opportunities for Geothermal energy and challenges before/after COVID-19

Innovative solutions in energy transmission and distribution and funding options

Energy storage technologies

Local content development and Turkey as a hub for equipment and manufacturing

Digitalisation and technologies in the energy sector


The event will continue encouraging thought leadership, deliver the knowledge-rich content via interactive panel discussions and data-led keynotes and interactive Q&A sessions but also encourage networking among peers. Even though this is a digital event, you will still build connections and network with peers through its entire duration.

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